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  • Getting your car ready for Ladakh
    By wanderer / On Feb 26, 2014 / Travel
    Moore Plains – a 40 Km stretch between Sarchu and Leh, with mountains on both side. Inhospitable and no population in this area.

    A Strenuous journey like the Ladakh Road trip, can be taxing not only for people but for the vehicles also. Finding a help and mechanic at such places can be very difficult thus it is always advisable to get prepare your car before the journey to take on this challenging drive so that you can stop worrying about it and enjoy the trip.
    Before heading out for this trip, you should get minor service of the car done and ensure to get the following checked.

    Clutch Plates: Get the clutch plate checked as this would be the most important part of your vehicle, and if in good condition would ensure you have a smooth trip. Replace if necessary, ask the mechanic.

    Engine oil and engine oil filter: It is advisable to get your oil filters and engine oil changed so that car gives super performance for those roads.

    Brake pads, shoes and oil: Continuous driving in hilly terrain wears out the breaks faster, thus get them checked and get them replaced if there is little life left in them. Also get the brake oil level checked and if needed, get brake oil bleeding done as well, in order to get optimal brake performance in Ladakh.

    Coolant: If required get the coolant topped or changed at time of service, to ensure car is able to manage the extra burden in hills

    Air and fuel filter: Hills would be very dusty, thus get your air and fuel filters cleaned at time of service before leaving.

    Electricals and battery: Ensure battery is in good condition with water levels correct, all electrical like horn and lights working fine. Replace any if needed.

    General servicing: Ensure all the nuts and bolts are fastened properly; also check fan belts, timing etc.

    Tyre alignment and balacing: Get wheel alignment and balancing done if required, which will ensure your car handles best.

    Tyres: Check the condition of the tyres, including that of the stepney. If tyres are nearing end of their life or have serious cuts/cracks in them, get them replaced ASAP!

    Anti-rust treatment: It would be advisable your car has antirust treatment done for underbody as the car would cross water and flowing streams.

    Getting the above mentioned things done, your car should be able to pull of the trip without any hassles, but it is still a good idea to learn a few basic jobs like fixing punctures, topping up liquids, changing bulbs etc as all this may come in handy, though with us we would have a mechanic to take care of such small things.

    Checks during the trip.

    It is advisable to do the following check regularly during the trip
    All lights, horn and indicators are working.
    Check all fluid levels, like engine oil, coolant etc
    Tyre air pressure, cuts bruises or any nail in the tyre.
    Check for any leakages or loose nuts and bolts.
    Start the engine and let it idle, then check if there is any unusual sound coming from the engine.
    **Sources : Own Experience, fellow travelers, bloggers and friends**

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