August – September 2019

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek takes us over the majestic foothills of the Himalaya, the Pir Panjal Range, crossing at Hampta Pass (4,270 m to reach remote Lahaul. An isolated district of Himachal Pradesh, Lahaul lies amongst the Himalaya peaks. This was traditional alternative route between Lahaul and Kullu Valley before the road was made over Rohtang Pass

Name of Program Hampta Pass Trek
Best Time June to October
Duration 04 Night & 05 Days
Nature of Trek Moderate
Destinations Manali - Pandu Ropa - Chikka Balu-ka – Gera - Hamta Pass – Chatru - Rohtang  pass - Kullu - Lahaul  valley  


DAY 01
Manali to Jobri 5 hours easy ascent 9700 ft to 10,400 ft

Pick from Manali drive towards Prini Left bank side. 20minutes drive. First day step climb-up to reach camp at Jobri. The trek passes through some spectacular landscape to just below the Hamta Pass, on a grassy bank sloping down from the cliffs. The impressive grandeur of immediate surroundings, the nearness of the Tokru-Shakru peaks, the wonderful coloring of the rocks and mountainside, all make this one of the best campsite on the route. Overnight camp.

DAY 02
Jobri (10100 ft) to Balu ka Ghera (11900 ft) 5 hrs easy ascent

Second day trek is completely ascent but a normal gradual ascent, initial part of trekking is on stones and on boulders, in second day of trek trees gets vanish after couple of hours and Dhauladhar ranges are visible from there. Hot lunch in Balu Ka Gera this day camp site which means the bed of sand, this sand is brought down by Rani river.

DAY 03
Balu ka Gera (11900 ft) to Siagoru (12900 ft) Cross Hampta Pass (14100 ft) 8-0 hrs moderate ascent and easy descend.

This day is moderately steep assent, in some places its gets tough ascents, just after Hampta Jot (Jot being the local word for pass) track is steep descend for 1-1½ hours (descent part may get difficult, it’s depend on the snow condition) and then gradual walk till Siagoru camp site, this camp site is the most coldest camp site of Hampta Pass Trek. The trail now begins to ascend towards Hamta Pass and one can have close views of Deo Tibba and Inderashan peaks. After that, it is a descent all the way right to the campsite at Shea Gahru. “Shea Gahru” means a very cold place in the Spiti dialect because it is adjacent to a glacier snout. During summer, it’s a grazing pasture or halting place for the shepherds on the way to the Lahaul valley.  Overnight Camp .

DAY 04
Siagoru (12900 ft) to Chatru (11000 ft)4 hrs – Chandertal Lake

After breakfast Proceed to walk boulder descend. 4½ hours of downhill trek. Easy with some tricky sections. This day trek descends through theHampta valley with easy descent, as you move closer to the road, the descent gets a little tricky. Which is hard to cross during the monsoons? The river has to be forded at one point from where one can see the valleys of Lahaul and Spiti. Drive to Chandertal. It takes 3 hrs drives to reach Chandertal lake.

DAY 05
Chandertal – Manali  120kms  5-6hrs “ Moon lake (Chandertal  Lake 4270mts)(10 kms/ 3 hrs)

One of the most scenic high altitude treks in Himachal Pradesh, it takes one to the crystal clear waters of Chandertal and then through the high passes of Baralacha-La. Also known as the Moon Lake trek. Culturally, it’s the threshold to the mystical Buddhism practiced in Spiti, Lahaul, Ladakh and Tibet. The barren landscape in the upper regions and the green valley’s below, make the trail awe-inspiring and one of the must-experience ones in this part of the Himalayas. Chandertal to Manali over Rohtang pass. 120 km, It, s takes 5-6 h.